About Me and Fitness

Weightlifting never sparked my interest until I met my husband back in June 2013. I always managed to stay active with some form of cardio and Bikram Yoga, but never once did I want to lift weights. Why? Well, most of the men were using everything. They were grunting loudly and angrily dropping dumbbells and plates to the ground. This was certainly no place for a woman to enter.

What if I tried these exercises I saw in a magazine or online, but I was doing them wrong? They all seemed so advanced and territorial. They would surely laugh and talk about how stupid I looked. The very few women I did see lifting looked as though they were getting paid to do this for a living. These are all the thoughts that entered my mind whenever I looked over in the free weight area.

My husband has been lifting for almost 20 years now, so the gym was a part of his lifestyle and he was knowledgeable in all of the different techniques. I was impressed by his dedication and results, so I expressed my interest in learning how to lift. He began to show me the basics and I immediately fell in love. I couldn’t believe I never gave weightlifting a try. Before I knew it, lifting also became a lifestyle for me and seeing how I was able to be in control of changing my physique became empowering. I then grew interested in the nutritional aspect as I was constantly famished. I started conducting my own research and even contacted online trainers for nutritional guidance. My new hobby not only became a lifestyle change, but was now a passion which led me to pursue my certifications.

Everyone should experience what it’s like to be in complete control of improving your health. It’s not impossible. There are no “magic” pills or surgeries that will ever compare to one’s own dedication and commitment to fitness. I want to empower anyone who has ever experienced the same thoughts I initially had when it came to lifting. I especially want women to know you are not going to get “bulky” or acquire a “manly” physique. Instead, you are going to become stronger, healthier, energetic and confident. My main goal is to help any man or woman who is uncomfortable in their own skin and who feel like there’s nothing they can do to change that.

Whether you are looking to build muscle, trim fat, etc. I am here to provide you the tools and resources necessary to achieve your goals!